New 5-axis milling machine

Gloednieuwe 5-assige freesmachine
Gloednieuwe 5-assige freesmachine

May 2019 – We are passionate about our craftsmanship. It’s about having the creativity to keep developing and perfecting our designs, and about loving what we do. Our furniture makers go to great lengths when refining the comfort, details and functionality of our furniture.

Did you know that all of our manufacturing tools, such as welding and measuring template, are developed and manufactured in-house in our industrial yet small-scale production locations in the Netherlands and Belgium?

This week our brand new 5-axis milling machine arrived at the production location in Schijndel (NL). Really fascinating how this machine models an aluminum block in order to create a soft foam injection mould for our new sofas!


More about our production in Schijndel

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