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The manufacturing process at our site in Schijndel always starts with the product development department. We develop our new models here in collaboration with local and international designers and then prepare the designs for production. We also develop all the tools we need in house, such as welding jigs, inspection gauges, and dies. In Schijndel we have an advanced and super hi-tech plant of no less than 10,000 m2 to ensure that the design and development phase is followed by an efficient and flexible production process.

Alongside design and development, the following production processes are carried out:


Our production site in Schijndel is suitable for every conceivable metalworking process, whether it involves tubes, profiles, or extrusions. Metal often forms the base of a design because it is strong and durable.

Bending robot

Our bending robot in action

We use our state-of-the-art bending robot to bend solid bars and square profiles of various diameters into any desired shape. Once it has been formed, a robot arm places the piece on to a conveyor belt that transports it to the next stage of the machining process. This is a fully automated process and the software that controls the robot is programmed by us.

Robotic or manual welding

One of our welders at work

The robotic welder is used for welding series. The computer-controlled robot guarantees consistent quality. Some of our products are too fragile or too intricate to be welded by robot. These frames are carefully welded by hand by our specialists. All our welding work is guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards.


Our woodworking department deploys a wide range of techniques to create beautiful tables, cabinets, and reception desks. We do all sawing, milling, laminating, veneering, and coating in house.

Wood milling

As with all other departments, the production process in the woodworking department starts with design and development. Our planners translate the custom solutions developed by the designers into software programs that control the CNC machines. The programs are fed all the necessary data on the worktops and panels, such as the dimensions, trims, and hole patterns. Our woodworking specialists subsequently ensure that the designs come to life.

Worktops and panels can be processed in single runs for lengths of up to three metres. Our five-shaft 3D wood milling machine can be used for more complex three-dimensional wooden components.

Pre-gluing, finishing, and veneering

Other woodworking processes carried out in this department include:

  • Pre-gluing the board material with solvent-free glue. We have installed powerful exhaust systems so that protective clothing is not required.
  • Board finishing. We offer a wide range of colours and textures, including personalized laminate, for example with a logo or image.
  • Veneering. A wafer-thin layer of wood gives tables and cabinets a luxurious look. Veneering is work for skilled craftsmen who understand the material and have an eye for detail.

Foam moulding

Foam moulding

The Lande Group has its own foam moulding machine. Foam moulding is ideal for complex organic shapes. The mould is filled with two components which react to form a soft, voluminous mass when they come into contact.

The ratio and volumes of the components determines the rigidity of the foam.The reaction takes about ten minutes, after which the product can be removed from the mould. The product is then left for 24 hours to cure.

Powder coated frames

Powder coating

The Lande Group has a special powder coating department, where metal components can be coated with a range of colours. This is an electrostatic coating process: compressed air is used to coat a positively charged component with the negatively charged powder. The component is then heated in an oven, after which it left to cure.

Powder coating can be used to apply a wide range of colours in various textures. The powder coating booth is a completely isolated system and has a recycling installation that meets the latest environmental requirements. Here too, our craftsmen are always on hand to check the results. They manually spray any parts of the component that are missed by the machine.

Spray coater at work in the spray coating booth

Spray coating

We have several dust-free spray booths so that we can quickly switch colours and components. Multiple colours are also available for small runs. The product is provided with several coatings to ensure long life.

We offer a huge range of alternative coatings and varnishes alongside our standard collection, and we can mix any colour with our colour mixing system.


Once all the components have been quality-controlled, they are put together in our assembly department. This is where all our tables, chairs, and other furniture really come to life.