Location Lande Group Lanaken, Belgium

Lande BE

We run a professional and modern upholstering workshop in Lanaken, Belgium. At this site, 45 upholstery professionals and specialists provide quality furniture coverings for our Artifort, Lande, Pörtner, and Zwaardvis brands. This requires pure craftsmanship, especially when rendering the organic designs of our range of chairs and seats. The upholsterers in this region are the best at their craft in Europe. This means that Lande Group can meet practically any upholstery requirement in house.

Development phase

Perfect upholstery is the result of a combination of fabric, furniture, and craftsmanship. Fabrics and leathers all behave differently and each product requires a particular upholstery solution. During the development phase, the designers develop and test the various alternatives.

Cutting and die cutting

Leather and fabric is cut on the fully automated fabric cutting machine. When using leather, the machine calculates how the material can be used most efficiently and detects and avoids any blemishes. For larger volumes, the fabric is die cut. All the fabric components of our chairs and sofas are cut from several layers of material in a single run.

CNC fabric cutting, fabric rolls, and stitching work

Large fabric collection

Lande Group works together with various fabric manufacturers to provide a virtually unlimited range of fabrics. We have also created our own range of fabrics in collaboration with Kvadrat: Artifort Selecte. Each fabric or leather type is allocated an upholstery category. If there is a match between the upholstery category and the furniture then we will know that this fabric is suitable for this particular model. Thanks to our endless range of colour and fabric combinations, we can also offer a huge selection of yarns.

Modern upholstery

In modern upholstery, the fabric is glued to the frame so that it tightly adheres to the form of the furniture. The fabric and frame are then tautened and stapled in a made-to-measure press.

Traditional upholstery

In traditional upholstery, the upholstery covers are stitched in the sewing workshop. This is a high-precision operation that helps define the look of the finished product. The upholstery craftsmen then fit the covers to the frames. Thanks to years of experience, Lande Group has mastered the art of upholstery to perfection. Every seam and pleat is always in exactly the right place.

The work in our upholstery department is true craftsmanship.